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What do I need to know about the NEWS OPTION?

What do I need to know about the PR OPTION?

How do I choose my minor?


How do I declare my J&PR major or minor?

I need an adviser for my J&PR major


How do I choose courses for my J&PR major?

How do I choose courses for my J&PR minor?

What do the GE Pathways mean to me?

Should I take 255 or 255i?

I'm planning to study abroad


Am I graduating?


Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


How do I choose my minor?

You must complete a minor. A formal minor for J&PR majors is required and is listed in all versions of the Chico State catalog. A formal minor is largely upper division and declared within and directed by one program (e.g., marketing or psychology are a good fit for PR; sociology or political science for news).

Catalog language: "All Journalism majors are required to complete a formal minor in a department outside the School of Communication. GE Pathway minors do not fulfill this requirement.”

Let this be your guide:

• Pathway minors do not fulfill the formal minor requirement. Pathway minors require explicit approval of both adviser and department chair.  A substitution may be requested after consultation with J&PR adviser.  Pathway minor requests may be denied.

When might a pathway minor be appropriate?

To get you graduated in a timely manner. Two scenarios:

1. Late declaration of the major. Allowing a pathway minor may expedite graduation. A pathway minor is 18 units. Because you must take three upper-division courses in one pathway, that leaves only three classes to complete the minor. If you choose Gender & Sexuality or Science, Technology & Values, then 2-3 other major classes may already be applied. JOUR 130i and JOUR 211 are in the G&S pathway; JOUR 130i, 210 and 255 are in the STV pathway.

2. Pursuing both options. We have a growing number of students who are pursuing both the news and PR options to expand their job options. The pathway minor facilitates this.

• Communication minors, such as broadcasting, may be used to fulfill formal minor requirement. Because 72 units of non-communication units are required for a journalism degree, these minors require careful advising. Communication minors require explicit approval of both adviser and department chair.  A substitution may be requested after consultation with J&PR adviser. Communication minor requests may be denied.

When might a communication minor be appropriate?

When it meets your career goals. A pathway minor can / should also be pursued as the careful planning required for communication minors generally will result in fulfilling a pathway minor.

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Oct. 9–12, 2017

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Adviser Assignments

Advisers are assigned by your option/last name.

For fall 2017 schedule planning, advisers are:


A–K = Mark Plenke (THMA 345)

L–Z = Aaron Quinn (THMA 343)

Public Relations

A–D = Samara Anarbaeva (THMA 349)

E–L = Janell Bauer (THMA 347)

M–P = Steve Caldes (THMA 341)

Q–Z = Debra Johnson (THMA 351)

Plan your schedule in advance, write on the advising form and bring to your advising appointment.

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What do the GE Pathways mean to me?

Four important things for J&PR majors to know about the GE Pathways:
  1. A pathway minor does not fulfill your need for a disciplinary minor. A completed pathway minor counts as a second minor for J&PR students.
  2. You do not have to finish a pathway. You may take courses in any of the pathways, as long as you fulfill all your General Education requirements.
  3. You do have to complete two upper-division courses in one pathway, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. The Arts & Humanities UD pathway requirement is fulfilled by JOUR 460, which also is a capstone.

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Should I take JOUR 255 or 255i?

Journalism majors and minors should take JOUR 255.

If you entered Chico State fall of 2012 or later, you must take four writing intensive courses to graduate.

As of fall 2015, J&PR has SIX possible writing intensive courses: JOUR 130i, 255i, 260, 321, 341 and JOUR 460.

Given that JOUR 260, JOUR 321 or 341, and JOUR 460 are required as part of your major and option cores, J&PR majors should take JOUR 255. Save JOUR 255i for people in other programs without writing intensive courses.

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Study abroad:

What journalism students planning to study abroad need to know (.pdf)

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Journalism Major

News Option Planning
Keep track of your major requirements with a planning guide.
News Option planning guide (PDF) Please note: Second page is a guide to graduating in four years.

Public Relations Option Planning
PR Option planning guide (.pdf) Please note: Second page is a guide to graduating in four years.
Guide for Marketing minors in Journalism and PR

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Journalism Minor

Minor planning guide (PDF)

Minor clearance form (PDF)

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Am I graduating?

Don't assume. BE SURE.

The electronic version of your Degree Progress Report serves as your major clearance form. It is available for you to view online through your portal account.

Get to know your DPR! Check it early and often. Here's why:

  • If you have red lights on your DPR, you are not graduating. Don't assume the DPR is wrong; it's the university's understanding of where you are.
  • Be sure you have completed 120 units. Even if you have completed requirements for GE, your major and your minor, you will not graduate from Chico State if you have not accrued 120 units.
  • Check that your catalog year is correct. Your catalog year is based on when you DECLARED the major.
  • Check that any transfer courses have been listed correctly, especially those that count in the department's accreditation requirements. See your adviser for information.
  • Check that course substitutions in the major have been listed.
  • Look for any other missing courses that might have been left off your DPR.
  • File a written minor clearance form. Visit the department of your minor for more information.
  • Do not let your major or minor GPA drop below 2.0. You will not graduate.
  • See your journalism adviser to review your plans and make corrections in your DPR. Bring the signed form to the journalism office.

As part of the journalism department's mandatory advising program, you are required to complete the Graduation plan for journalism majors (PDF) by using your DPR to plan your last two semesters at Chico State. Your task is to list all classes that are needed to remove the "red lights" listed in your DPR. You also need to assure that your DPR is correct.

Download the following form, complete it, and see your journalism adviser: Graduation plan for journalism majors (PDF)

Don't forget to apply for graduation.

General degree / graduation information

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