Find a Job

The following are a collection of Web sites that list communication/media jobs:

American Society of Newspaper Editors Job Page

Comprehensive list of job sites. Good place to start.

CNPA Classified Job Bulletin

Comprehensive listing of jobs. Job seekers may also post. Sponsored by the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

Job Link for Journalists

Active listing of journalistic jobs, online or in print.

CSU, Chico Career Planning and Placement: Communication and Media Jobs 

Jobs sorted into PR & General, Special Events, Writing / Editing, Publishing, Entertainment and Music / Broadcasting.

IRE Job Center

Lists some of the hottest jobs in journalism, especially news reporting, editing, producing and researching, as well as the latest in fellowships, scholarships and grants aimed at journalists and journalism educators.

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Jobs Page

A good variety of job listings divided into New Media, Internships, Newspapers & Wire Services, Magazines, Journals & Newsletters, Television, Radio, Photojournalism, Journalism Education, Freelance and Miscellaneous.

Editor & Publisher

Well-known and popular site for newspaper jobs. Always fun to read even if you do not want to work in a small Texas town.