General Information on Internships

Internships are primarily a learning experience, designed to further develop the many skills used in professional journalism and public relations work.

Students seeking an internship must exhibit dedication and a willingness to do more than what is required to meet graduation requirements. Students may earn 1 graded unit for an internship. Internship units may count toward the major. Some internships pay an hourly wage, monthly salary or stipend at the end of the term.


All applicants must have close to a 3.0 GPA in their major (including the core courses) and:

  • News-Ed students must have completed Jour 260 and present two published stories.
  • Public relations students must have completed Jour 341.

All applicants must:

  • Submit a student copy of her/his transcript to verify GPA.
  • Submit a resume with her/his application to department chair.
  • Obtain two recommendations from Journalism faculty.
  • Meet with department chair to discuss internships.

And please note:

  • You must provide transportation to/from interviews. Professional dress is expected.
  • Bring another copy of your resume and a clip book/portfolio.
  • Make sure you're in touch with current events (read the newspaper!) so that you will have plenty to say.
  • You may wish to send a thank-you note the day after the interview.

Once a student is assigned to an internship, she/he must:

  • Keep a weekly log, including work samples, to be sent to department chair at the end of each week.
  • Complete an end-of-term self-evaluation.
  • Be enrolled in 1 unit of Jour 489 Internship during fall or spring semester, or during summer.

See department chair during office hours in Tehama 207 for more information.

Check out a list of companies that have participated in our internship program. Do not contact these companies directly. Please work through the journalism department.