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August 14: A widespread power outage affects the northeastern U.S. and South-Central Canada.



September 12: Johnny Cash dies.


October 7: California voters recall Governor Gray Davis and elect actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.



November 5: The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, confesses to murdering 48 women.




Fall 2003




Erica Gandy - General Manager
Nicole Colewell - Business Operations Director
Wendy Whitefield - Editorial Services Director
Laura Langerwerf - Design and Production Director
Debbie Midling - Asst. Design and Production Director
Alexis Dias - Special Projects Director
Emily Bobb - Account Executive
Mary Bailey - Account Executive
Rachael Kotar - Account Executive
Howli Ledbetter - Account Executive
Jennifer Lukins - Account Executive
Jenna Schwan - Account Executive
Chelsea Stoner - Account Executive
Ben Walsh - Account Executive
Keith Sheldon, ABC, APR - Adviser



American Lung Association
School of Communication COMM Newsletter
Celebration of People Parade
Parkview Elementary School
Department of Journalism Reaccreditation
Journalism Times
Women, Infants & Children of Butte County
Chico State Public Affairs
Students in Free Enterprise
John Dewey Middle School
Wild Oak Records
College of Business LINK Magazine
Chico State Greek System



American Lung Association Fresh Air Festival

Link Magazine

Greek System Brochure

John Dewey Middle School Materials

SIFE Flier

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