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In the news


August 24: Pluto gets demoted to dwarf planet status.



September 4: The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, dies after being stung in the chest by a sting ray in Australia.


November 13: Google purchases YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock.


November 19: Nintendo releases the Wii in North America.




Fall 2006 Team


Kirsten Dobbie - General Manager
Candace McCarty - Business Operations Director
Allison Zigulis - Special Projects Director
Lindsey Qualman - Design and Production Director
Kate Bennett - Editorial Director
Jenna Galloway - Editorial Assistant
Owen Lystrup - Editorial Assistant
Mark Cardella- Senior Account Executive
Lesley Cumpton - Senior Account Executive
Meredith Payette- Account Executive and Production Assistant
Grace Moncrief - Account Executive
Sarah Brown - Account Executive
AnneMarie Irwin - Account Executive
Laura Cavaglieri - Account Executive
Kristina Wing - Account Executive
Kayla Kooyman - Account Executive
Debra Johnson - Adviser



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