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In the news


August 2: Iraq invades Kuwait, beginning the Gulf War.



October 3: Cold War: East Germany and West Germany reunify into a
single Germany.



October 15: Apple introduces the
Macintosh Classic.



November 6: Madonna's "Justify My Love" music video is banned by MTV.



December 25: The first successful trial run of the system that would become the World Wide Web is carried out.



Fall 1990 Logo

Fall 1990 Team



Kevin Shannon - General Manager
William Barron III - Business Manager
Patricia Baker - Account Executive
Christine Below - Account Executive
Kimberly Capwell - Account Executive
Cynthia Duquette - Account Executive
Debra Johnson - Account Executive
Julie Laffins - Account Executive
Deanna Mayerle - Account Executive
Steve Pate - VP of Production
Charles Scibetta - Account Executive
Miriam Standish - Account Executive
Renee Thompson - Account Executive
Nancy Tourkolias - Account Executive
Erik Wolfman - Account Executive
Dr. Katherine J. Milo - Adviser



Chico Chamber of Commerce
Department of Civil Engineering
College of Education
College of Communication
North Valley Blood Center
Butte Economic Development Corporation
The Boy Scouts of America
Cal Skate Paradise Elementary

Paradise Elementary



Blood Center Bulletin News

Panther Post Newsletter



Media Coverage

Chico Enterprise Record: TGC Agency Opens

Chico Enterprise Record: TGC Supplies

Two Interns for Chico Chamber of Commerce

CSU, Chico Press Release About TGC


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