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In the news


February 1: Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson have a wardrobe malfunction during Super Bowl halftime show.



February 4: Facebook was founded.



February 12: San Francisco issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


March 11: Al-Qaeda executes terrorist attacks on four rush-hour trains in Madrid, killing 191 people.





Spring 2004 Logo


Erica Gandy - General Manager
Nicole Colewell - Business Operations Director
Emily Bobb - Editorial Services Director
Jenna Schwan - Design and Production Director
Chelsea Stoner - Special Projects Director
Lisa Bagley - Account Executive
Jillian Diamond - Account Executive
Alex Hunter - Account Executive
Rachael Kotar - Account Executive
Howli Ledbetter - Account Executive
Sarah London - Account Executive
Jennifer Lukins - Account Executive
Debbie Midling - Account Executive
Shanna Walsh - Account Executive
Keith Sheldon, ABC, APR - Adviser




American Lung Association
Students in Free Enterprise
Parkview Elementary School
Department of Journalism
School of Communication
Sierra Nevada Center Stage
Women, Infants and Children of Butte County
UC Economic Development Council
Tri-County Economic Development Council
Chico State Public Affairs
College of Business
Wild Oak Records
Plastics Alliance
TGC Newsletter



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Journalism Day Schedule

Women, Infants and Children Calendar

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Sierra Nevada Center Stage Brochure

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