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In the news


February 14: YouTube launched.



March 9: Dan Rather resigns after 24 years of anchoring the CBS
Evening News.



March 31: Terri Schiavo dies after her feeding tube is removed.



April 2: More than 4 million people
travel to the Vatican to mourn
Pope John Paul II.


Spring 2005 Logo



Rachael Kotar - General Manager
Kirsten Saladow - Business Operations Director
Chris Porter - Design and Production Director
Priscilla Amador - Special Projects Director
Tina Zemlyak - Editorial Director
John Brassfield - Account Executive
Jennifer Curtis - Account Executive
Erika Hood - Account Executive
Mary Katherine Juric - Account Executive
Nellie Price - Account Executive
Priscella Rivera - Account Executive
Kristin Tarr - Account Executive
Kristen Zabaglo - Account Executive
Keith Sheldon, ABC, APR - Adviser



American Lung Association
Department of Journalism Journalism Day
School of Communication COMM Newsletter
Chico State Public Affairs
Blue Oak School
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte County
College of Agriculture
Student Computing
Work Training Center



Big Brothers Big Sisters Centennial Celebration

American Lung Association Fundraising Packet

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