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In the news


February 5: A Michigan court bars Dr. Jack Kevorkian from assisting in suicides.



March 3: An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles, California police officers.



April 1: Comedy Central is launched on cable television.



May 16: Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to address the U.S. Congress.




Spring 1991

Spring 1991 Team



Marideth Post - General Manager
Debra Johnson - Business Manager
Nancy Hallinan - Editorial Manager
Whitney Wolff - Production Manager
Mark Bremmer - Account Executive
Peg Ellis - Account Executive
Alisa Gonzales - Account Executive
Stacy McLean - Account Executive
Alaina Nakamoto - Account Executive
Tim Slaughterbeck - Account Executive
Laurie Storen - Account Executive
Christine Below - Account Executive
Dr. Katherine J. Milo - Adviser



College of Communication
Family Services Association/AIDS Project
Fun Without Alcohol Fair

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