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August 1: A bridge in Minnesota breaks into sections and falls into the Mississippi River, killing 13 people and injuring 60.



September 6: Labor Department report shows 4,000 jobs lost in August, leading some economists to speculate a recession may follow.



October 21: Fifteen wildfires in Southern California destroy 600 homes, 100 commercial buildings and force the evacuation 500,000 people.



November 5: The Writers Guild of America goes on a strike.



December 3: Senator George Mitchell
accuses 89 current and former MLB players of using illegal performance-enhancing drugs.



Fall 2007 Logo



Christina Contento - General Manager
Sarah Hildenberger - Business Operations Director
Carly Smith - Special Projects Director
Lauren Moreno - Design and Production Director
Dana Pelfini - Design and Production Assistant
Angele Dayer - Photographer
Danielle Salvato - Editorial Director
Marisa Schwimmer - Editorial Assistant
Jennifer Wright - Editorial Assistant
Brianne Schulze - Senior Account Executive
Hannah Davison - Account Executive
Jackie Donnelly - Account Executive
Sean Duchala - Account Executive
Amanda Dugan - Account Executive
Brenna Robinson - Account Executive
Lindsay Wright - Account Executive
Debra Johnson - Adviser



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