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September 27: Brett Favre makes his first start with the
Green Bay Packers.



October 3: Sinéad O'Connor rips up a
photo of Pope John Paul II on
Saturday Night Live.



October 29: Depo-Provera is approved by The Food and Drug Administration.



November 3: Bill Clinton defeats GeorgeH. W. Bush and Ross Perot for president.



December 9:Prince Charles and Princess Diana publicly announce their




Fall 1992



Jenna Faustino - General Manager
Monique Garcia - Assistant GM, Business Manager
Christy Clark - Editorial Manager
Julie Sweeney - Production Manager
Carolyn Anderson - Account Executive
Scott Burkett - Account Executive
R. Todd Caine - Account Executive
Shawnn Gallagher - Account Executive
Tom Hofreiter - Account Executive
David Hufford - Account Executive
M. Guadalupe Ramirez-Carillo - Account Executive
Rebecca Repka - Account Executive
Michelle Roy - Account Executive
Lawrence Standing - Account Executive
Lori Yarborough - Account Executive
Dr. Katherine J. Milo - Adviser



Paradise Elementary School
North Valley Blood Center
Family Services Association of Butte and Glenn Counties
College of Communication



Blood Drive Bulletin Newsletter

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