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In the news


August 12: The 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike is called, ending the 1994 MLB season.



November 4: The first conference devoted to the commercial potential
of the World Wide Web opens in San Francisco.


November 5: Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan announces he has Alzheimer's.


December 15: The first version of web browser Netscape Navigator
is released.





Fall 1994 Logo


Kevin Young - General Manager
Chris Hammond - Business Manager
Kerri Center - Editorial Manager
Bill Cox - Production Manager
Tiffany Burmeister - Account Executive
Angela Del Ponte - Account Executive
Kristin Galindo - Account Executive
Scott Green - Account Executive
Barry Katcher - Account Executive
Amy Ollis - Account Executive
Heather Tankersley - Account Executive
Silvia Wheatley - Account Executive
Heather Wilbert - Account Executive
Elaine Wittenberg - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser



Soroptimist Home & Garden Show
School of Communication
Tri-Counties Economic Development Corporation
School of Agriculture
Cosmic Travel Agency Theatre Company
Department of Physical Education
North Valley Blood Center
Work Training Center



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