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In the news


August 1: Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computer, Inc. at Macworld.



September 6: More than 2 billion people watch the funeral of Diana,
Princess of Wales.



October 4: $17.3 million stolen during the Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery. Second
largest cash robbery in U.S. history.



October 16: New York Times runs the first color photograph on its front page.


December 19: "Titanic" becomes the highest grossing film to date.



Fall 1997


Amanda Olio - General Manager
Stacie Bosinoff - Business Manager
Jason Gouveia - Editorial Manager
Dan Race - Production Manager
Kristyn Caputo - Account Executive
Stephanie Crean - Account Executive
Trevor Gillespie - Account Executive
Mike Manuel - Account Executive
Merritt Mazzera - Account Executive
Jason Niosi - Account Executive
Rayna Schwartz - Account Executive
Jeff Urquhart - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser



Center for Economic Development
Department of Journalism
College of Communication
Leadership Chico
The Orion
Tri-Counties Economic Development Corp
'As You Like It' Wedding Ceremonies



'As You Like It' Brochure

CSU, Chico Department of Journalism Faculty Briefing Brook

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