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In the news


September 4: Google, Inc. is founded.



September 8: Mark McGwire hits record-breaking 62nd home run.



October 12: Matthew Shepard dies after being beaten and tied to a fence near
Laramie, Wyoming.



October 29: An estimated 18,000 people die when Hurricane Mitch hits Central America.


December 1: Exxon buys Mobil to create the world's largest oil company.



Fall 1998


Mike Manuel - General Manager
Vicki Brothers - Business Operations Director
Mike Burk - Editorial Services Director
Kelly Boyter - Design and Production Director
Alyssa Banks - Senior Account Executive
Robin Noelle - Senior Account Executive
Melissa Wolfe - Senior Account Executive
Jeremy Osborne - Account Executive
Elaine Rojas - Account Executive
Stephanie Souza - Account Executive
Jodi Wall - Account Executive
Marisa Lizakowski - Account Executive
Stephen Cowgill - Account Executive
Karen Goldberg - Account Executive
Jennifer Gurien - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser



Department of Journalism
Butte Employees Credit Union:
College of Communication
Janet Levy Center
Light Paths Communications
Tri-Counties Economic Development Corporation
Center for Economic Development



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