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January 10: AOL aggress to buy Time Warner creating the nation's largest traditional media company.


February 13: Following Charles Schulz's death, the final original Peanuts comic strip is published.



April 22: Federal agents seize Elián González from a home in Miami.


April 25: Vermont passes HB847,
legalizing Civil Unions for
same-sex couples.




Spring 2000


Lindsay Hall - General Manager
Heather Milne - Business Operations Director
Sonny Kerstiens - Editorial Services Director
Lacey Williams - Design and Production Director
Brian Essig - Account Executive
Jessica Freitas - Account Executive
Chris Fucanan - Account Executive
Erin Ginder - Account Executive
Sara Helmuth - Account Executive
Katryn McGaughey - Account Executive
Andrew Staples - Account Executive
Ann Walker - Account Executive
Melissa Williams - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser



Center for Economic Development
Chico Natural Foods
Golden State
School of Communication
Tehama Local Development Corp.
Department of Journalism/ The Orion
Sunset Net/Call-A-Guru
The Rat Fan Club



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