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In the news


January 4: Nancy Pelosi becomes the first female speaker of the house.



March 6: Senate and House hearings intensify over firing of federal prosecuters.


April 16: Virgina Tech massacre claims the life of 32 people.


May 30: President George W. Bus sought $30 billion to fight AIDS globally.


Spring 2007 Logo


Spring 2007 Team


Laura Cavaglieri - General Manager
Vanessa Carnes - Business Operations Director
Sarah Brown - Special Projects Director
Lauren Moreno - Design and Production Director
Courtney Cvetko - Design and Production Assistant
Owen Lystrup - Editorial Director
Christina Contento - Editorial Assistant
Kari Nelson - Editorial Assistant
Lindsay Gardiner - Account Executive
Tara Hodges - Account Executive
Amber Strandberg - Account Executive
Carly Smith - Account Executive
Brianne Schulze - Account Executive
Marika Knapp - Account Executive
Raquel Rodriguez - Account Executive
Debra Johnson - Adviser



Aurora Salon
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Busy Moms
College of Communicaiton
Hooker Oak Elementary
The Orion
The Senior Organizer
Paradise Symphony Orchestra



Habitat for Humanity Butte County

Orion Ad

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