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In the news


January 2: The price of petroleum hits $100 per barrel for the first time.



January 22: Heath Ledger dies of an accidental prescription drug



February 5-6: The deadliest tornado outbreak in 23 years, kills 58 in the Southern U.S.



February 19: Fidel Castro announces his resignation as President of Cuba.



March 17: New York Govennor Elliot
Spitzer resigns after the prostitution scandal.


Spring 2008 Logo

Spring 2008 Team



Brenna Robinson - General Manager
Hannah Davison - Business Operations Director
Lindsay Wright - Special Projects Director
Caitlin Regan - Special Projects Assitant
Ashley Paul - Design and Production Director
Rachel Christie - Design and Production Assistant
Cory Burns - Photographer
Jennifer Wright - Editorial Director
Andrea McDonald - Editorial Assistant
Ashley Bradley - Editorial Assistant
Amanda Ponte - Account Executive
Callie Ziemer - Account Executive
Kristen Laschinger - Account Executive
Ali Liebig - Account Executive
Shannon Prior - Account Executive
Shelby Hollister - Account Executive
Sarah Page - Account Executive
Debra Johnson - Adviser


College of Communication
Chico State Office of Diversity Building Bridges
Northern California Natural History Museum
Chico State Child Development Lab
Journalism Day
Department of Kinesiology
Spa Pierman
Chico Women's Club



Women's Club Kit

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