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In the news


January 8: President George H. W. Bush vomits into the lap of Japan's Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa.



March 30: "Silence of the Lambs" wins best picture Oscar.


April 29: Jury aquits LA police officers of Rodney King beating. The Los Angeles riots lead to 53 deaths and $1 billion in damage.


May 19: Vice President Dan Quayle gives Murphy Brown speech in San Francisco.



May 25: Jay Leno hosts NBC's "Tonight Show" for the first time.



Spring 1992

Susan Zorb - General Manager
Jenna Leikas - Editorial Manager
Jaime Davenport - Production Manager
David Brucker - Account Executive
Stephanie Cox - Account Executive
Tamara Doney - Account Executive
Kristine Fudem - Account Executive
Monique Garcia - Account Executive
Jennifer Gibson - Account Executive
Julie Heath - Account Executive
Aaron Kenedi - Account Executive
Patricia Oien - Account Executive
Shelly Morphew - Account Executive
Echo Sarlya - Account Executive
Heather Somerville - Account Executive
Melissa Wright - Account Executive
Dr. Katherine J. Milo - Adviser




Paradise Elementary School
School of Agriculture
North Valley Blood Center
Bacio Ravioli and Catering Company
Butte County Chapter/American Red Cross
School of COMM
Montessori Children's Center



Bacio Ravioli and Catering Company Plan Book

Blood Drive Bulletin Newsletter

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