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In the news


January 20: Bill Clinton becomes the 42nd President of the United States.



February 26: The World Trade Center is bombed in New York City killing six and injuring more that 1,000.



February 28: ATF agents raid the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, beginning a 51-day standoff killing 76 people.



April 23: Cesar Chavez, the c0-founder of the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers, dies.



April 30: Tennis star Monica Seles is stabbed in the back by an
obsessed fan at a tournament
in Hamburg, Germany.



Spring 1993


Christy Clark - General Manager
Rebecca Repka - Assistant GM, Business Manager
David Hufford - Editorial Manager
R. Todd Caine - Production Manager
Laurel Crinion - Account Executive
Kristen Dell Immagine - Account Executive
Farres Everly - Account Executive
Sarah Fobes - Account Executive
Carlos Gonzalez - Account Executive
Tami Knappman - Account Executive
Gina Lauricella - Account Executive
Michele McMahon - Account Executive
M. Guadalupe Ramirez-Carillo - Account Executive
Tiffany Reuter - Account Executive
Caroll Suurenbroek - Account Executive
Lori Yarborough - Account Executive
Dr. Katherine J. Milo - Adviser




Paradise Elementary School
TriCounty Economic Development Corporation
College of Communication
Sierra West Apartments
Soroptimist Home and Garden Show
Chico Community Hospital Foundation/Tel-Med
Superior California Development Council
North Valley Blood Center
NASA Lewis Research Center



Blood Drive Bulletin Newsletter

The Learning Center Letter

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