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January 6: Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the right leg by an associate of rival Tonya Harding's.



January 17: Northridge earthquake,
magnitude 6.7, hits the San
Fernando Valley killing 72 and
leaving 26,029 homeless.


April 15: Kurt Cobain, of the band Nirvana, commits suicide in his Seattle home.



March 21: Schindler's List wins 7 Oscars including Best Picture and
Best Director (Spielberg).


May 10: Nelson Mandela is inaugurated
as South Africa's first Black


Spring 1994


Caroll Suurenbroek - General Manager
Danelle White - Business Manager
Amy Gage - Editorial Manager
Karen Olson - Production Manager
Bill Cox - Assistant Production Manager
Carrie Coultrip - Account Executive
Molley Foley - Account Executive
Kari Friesen - Account Executive
Anthony Homes - Account Executive
Robin Leddel - Account Executive
Sheryl Manies - Account Executive
Jodi Maxwell - Account Executive
Kristen Pash - Account Executive
Danelle White - Account Executive
Kevin Young - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser




Soroptimist Home & Garden Show
School of Communication
School of Agriculture
Lassen National Forest/Eagle Lake
Chico Unified School District and
Chico Youth Chorus
Panther Post
Kimball Books
Tri-Counties Economic Development Corporation
North Valley Blood Center



Ag Updater-Newsletter

Blood Drive Bulletin Newsletter

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