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August 2: Iraq invades Kuwait, beginning the Gulf War.



October 3: Cold War: East Germany and West Germany reunify into a
single Germany.



October 15: Apple introduces the
Macintosh Classic.



November 6: Madonna's "Justify My Love" music video is banned by MTV.



December 25: The first successful trial run of the system that would become the World Wide Web is carried out.



Spring 1995


Kerri Center - General Manager
Chris Hammond - Business Manager
Karin Bates - Editorial Manager
Mike Cuneo - Production Manager
Bill Cox - Senior Account Executive
Brad Freeman - Account Executive
Kristal Grunow - Account Executive
Nancy Kleis - Account Executive
Lisa McCracken - Account Executive
Michelle Petty - Account Executive
Lisa Rossi - Account Executive
Stephanie Smith - Account Executive
Caroline Spasioti - Account Executive
Dr. Sharon Yoder - Adviser



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