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Current Clients

Kijeong Jeon, Professor of Interior Design

Kijeong Jeon is a professor of interior design at Chico State. In 2009, Jeon obtained the opportunity to design a multi-sensory space for the California Vocations patient care facility for people with developmental disabilities, better known as COVE. This semester, TGC will be creating an informational marketing packet, as well as an interactive PDF that displays Jeon's one-of-a-kind work.

Downtown Chico Business Association

TGC is creating a 2-3 minute marketing video for the Downtown Chico Business Association. The DCBA represents over 400 businesses in downtown Chico and organize events such as Taste of Chico, Friday Night Concerts and the Thursday Night Markets. The goal of the video is to capture the essence of downtown Chico as it is experienced by all generations who visit Chico. As the client states, "We want to capture the sense of place, the charm, the people, the energy and the types of goods and services that are unique to the Downtown Chico experience."

Art Docent Program

TGC will be working with the Art Docent Program again this fall. Art Docent is a hands-on program that gives children grades kindergarten to sixth grade a chance to experience all types of art. The Art Docent Program consists of a volunteer docent that will teach the children a lesson about a specific art type and then lead an activity where the children can imitate what they have learned. TGC will be helping the Art Docent Program connect with its volunteer docents, acquire art visuals the children produce, and create a stronger presence through social media outlets.

CSU Alcohol and other Drugs Conference

In spring 2013, the CSU Alcohol and Other Drugs Conference will be held at Chico State for the first time. TGC is working with Chico State's Student Affairs Office to write and design print and online material for the event. TGC will also create promotional items and seek media attention for the conference.

Safe Place

Safe Place offers a visible support system for victims of violence and stalking by utilizing crisis intervention, resources and referrals, and prevention and outreach at Chico State. This semester, TGC will design a new logo for Safe Place that reflects the change of becoming a part of the University Police Department and its expansion to help victims of all kinds of violence.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion -- CSU, Chico

Since fall 2007, TGC has produced the biannual newsletter Building Bridges for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The newsletter celebrates diversity at Chico State and the surrounding community by combining stories, photography and video. Building Bridges provides campus-wide information and highlights various events, initiatives and discussions. TGC will feature organizations and people who support and express a more inclusive environment where diversity is respected.


Graduation Initiative

The Graduation Initiative's goal is to create a "culture of success" to encourage students to graduate within a set time frame. TGC will continue its efforts developing PR strategies for the committee, focusing specifically on two major issues. First, TGC will address the "sophomore slump" and attempt to understand why students become unmotivated their second year of college. Second, TGC will research why the minority population at Chico State has a lower graduation rate than the majority. TGC will utilize surveys and focus groups to collect and analyze data, and create a strategic PR plan.


College of Communications and Education -- CSU, Chico

TGC is researching and developing content for the School of Communication's COMM newsletter and designing a layout that adheres to the newsletter's established style. TGC has created the COMM newsletter since spring 2002. It is distributed to alumni, donors and friends of the journalism and public relations, communication design and communication arts and sciences departments. In addition, our graphic designer is creating the poster for the School of Communication's spring alumni event, CONNECT.

Department of Journalism and Public Relations -- CSU, Chico

TGC will continue working with the Department of Journalism and Public Relations to aid and expand its rebranding efforts, as well as increase awareness and interest in the department. TGC will implement a strategic multi-media campaign that involves the creation of two videos and new advertisements to spark interest in the journalism major. The team will also assist in the implementation of the department’s online newsletter, Journalism Times.

Previous Projects

Boys & Girls Club of the North Vallet Spring 2011 Newsletter

The Positive Connection is a bi-annual newsletter that is distributed to significant donors and members of the local community.

Alzheimers Association, Chico Chapter

Tehama Group Communications worked with the Chico Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to create a strategic plan for gaining STAR Status for the 2011 Memory Walk.

Building Bridges Newsletter, Office of Diversity at CSU, Chico

Building Bridges is Chico State's diversity newsletter. It's published twice a year in full color PDF format and has been produced by TGC since its inception in fall 2008.

North State Symphonys Frugal House 2011

Frugal House is an annual fundraising event for the North State Symphony. In 2011, TGC was responsible for the event's marketing and promotional content.