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We are a team of young professionals committed to providing real clients with superior solutions to their communication needs.

About internships

Interning at TGC offers public relations, journalism, graphic designs and media arts students hands-on experience working in an agency with paying clients.

Joining the agency requires students to possess excellent time management skills and the ability to work with a team.

At the end of each semester, the agency begins accepting applications for the following semester.

For an application, contact TGC at

These are the postitions we will be looking to fill:

General Manager

"My favorite part about being in TGC is getting a taste of what working at a PR agency is like. I love doing real work for real clients, working in teams and seeing results. My experiences in TGC have helped me feel more confident about graduating and entering the real world." -Megan Grasty, GM

TGC PR Director

Account Executives

"TGC prepares you for the real world and builds professional skills not found in classrooms. It is the best hands on way to learn what it takes to work with clients and how to be successful after graduation." -Cheyenne King, Account Executive

Assistant Account Executives

"TGC has given me the opportunity to build my portfolio and gain the experience needed for the professional world." -Becky Edwards, Assistant Account Executive

Editorial Team

"TGC really pushes you to do more than you're used to. I like working on different accounts because it gives you a different perspective on various mediums. You can alternate between web work, social media and print." -Megan Hoffman, Editorial Assistant


"TGC has taught me valuable experience in working with others. Rather than shooting what interests me and editing to my liking, I now shoot my media with a real client in mind and work with other staff to present the best image/video possible. It has prepared me for agency work and also introduced me to great connections in the field." -Christina Rafael, Photographer/Videographer

Graphic Design Team

"The thing I've learned most so far is time management because not only do you have to make time for classes, you also have to make time for your clients and since I'm a manager, I have to make time for anybody else on the creative services team for whatever it is they need. And of course everyone has different schedules, so Google has really become my friend, I've learned to utilize the Google tools such as calendars and documents to communicate with my team members and clients." -Mark Rojas, Art Director

Online Communications Director

Social Media

"TGC has been an invaluable experience that has provided me with applicable experience with real clients" -Ashlee Bischoff, Social Media Director