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We are a team of young professionals committed to providing real clients with superior solutions to their communication needs.

Rebecca Seylar

General Manager

Rebecca Seylar is from a small town but hopes to one day travel the world. Her love for language, culture and people led her to public relations. Seylar has an open mind about her career path after graduation, and would love to work in the fashion and beauty industry, international relations or philanthropic PR.

Lauren Fusco

PR Director

Lauren is a returning TGCer and will be graduating in May. She would love to work at a public relations agency and live in big cities, such as: Los Angeles, New York or Houston. In her spare time, Fusco loves to shop, hang out with friends and expand her Pinterest pinboards.

Amber Whiteside

Online Communications Director

Amber Whiteside has known she wanted to become an event planner since she was a little girl, planning themed slumber parties. Whiteside developed an interest in the promotional side of special events once she began studying public relations at Chico State. Upon graduation, she will be moving to Southern California in hopes of pursuing her dream job by combining her two passions: event planning and public relations.

Lindsay Smith

Art Director

After a summer at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Smith found a focus for her artistic skills in the world of graphic design. She has had several on-campus internships at Chico State, as well as a summer internship at Project Design Co. in Washington, D.C. Smith is an ambitious, freckle-faced designer committed to bring her creativity, down-to-earth personality and passion to her professional pursuits. After graduating, she hopes to get kick off her design career in a larger city on the west coast.

Jon Menager

Social Media Director

Ever since he can remember, Jon Menager has always loved to write. It wasn’t until his first journalism class at Moorpark College that he really began to think of turning writing into a career. He is currently in his last semester here at Chico State, graduating in May. When he’s not spending time working for TGC, Menager can often be found writing blog pieces for his personal website or shooting photography.

Rosana Torres

Editorial Director

Rosana Torres is a TGC returner with a passion for editing, cooking and public relations. She has an enthusiasm to succeed in the ever-changing, fast-paced world of PR and plans to utilize her bilingualism in exploring career paths. Upon graduation, Torres hopes to pursue a job in San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles with her dream agency: Edelman.

Louis Correa

Social Media Assistant

Louis Correa has interned as a public relations practitioner for the San Diego Union-Tribune and WsRadio where he helped develop community events and produce online segments for the radio station. Correa plans to move to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue a career in entertainment PR in hopes of landing his dream job working for HBO.

Miguel Rocha

Editorial Assistant

Miguel Rocha is a social, funny and diligent student who works hard to achieve his personal goals. His passion for writing has guided him to work for three semesters at The Orion as a reporter and copy editor. Rocha knows his experience with TGC will enhance his skills in writing and public relations in general. After graduation, he hopes to find a job at a public relations agency in New York.

Caitlin Coyle

Editorial Assistant

At the age of 13, Caitlin Coyle came to America from the United Kingdom with dreams of a successful career. She has a flare for writing and working with people, which is why public relations has quickly become not only an intended career for Coyle, but a passion in itself. Coyle hopes to work for an international nonprofit organization with a focus on environmental or social welfare. When she is not at school or at work, Coyle enjoys live music, art and volunteering with the Humane Society.

Camille Lorenzana

Account Executive and Photographer

Camille Lorenzana gravitated to journalism because of her writing skills, but during the course of her studies discovered that she was equally drawn to the visual and graphic elements of public relations. She is excited about the opportunities her dual positions with TCG will offer her. Lorenzana enjoys sports, fitness, outdoor activities, and travel. This summer she will be visiting Italy, France and Spain.

Anna Fairman

Account Executive

In the past Anna Fairman has interned with Debra Lucero & Associates where she worked on many community events such as Chico Palio and the Oroville Salmon Festival. She has provided support on the Butte County booth at the California State Fair in Sacramento and supplied content for the annual Artoberfest magazine. In addition to local work, Fairman spent the 2011 fall semester studying on the Gold Coast of Australia. If she doesn’t land a job in the entertainment industry after graduation in spring 2013, Fairman hopes to work as a public relations practitioner for a study abroad program somewhere in the United States.

Sharon Martin

Account Executive

Sharon Martin has had a passion for writing ever since she was in elementary school. However, it wasn't until fall 2012 that Martin discovered how to apply her passion for writing toward public relations. She is an avid sports fan and her ultimate goal is to one day be a sports writer for a magazine. In her free time Martin enjoys spending time with family, bargain shopping and riding her bike with her life-long best friend.

Kelsey Bond

Account Executive

Kelsey Bond has taken an interest in art since childhood and decided to turn her artistic talent into a career through graphic design. She looks forward to the experiences, portfolio work and professional interactions she will gain through her time at TGC. After graduation, Bond aspires to design in a big city. In her free time, you will find Bond dancing--she is involved with the Ballroom Dance Club on campus and takes every opportunity to travel and dance.

Chris Tavolazzi

Account Executive

When Christopher Tavolazzi isn’t in the TGC office, he can be seen downtown snapping photos, hiking in Upper Bidwell Park, or drafting another idea for a short story. He has always had a passion for storytelling and hopes to continue to grow his skills as a journalist and PR professional.

Nicole Walker

Account Executive

Nicole Walker has worked as a Para-professional at the Student Life and Leadership Center for three years. In addition to work, school and internships, Walker is also the chair and site coordinator for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Northern California. In her free time, she enjoys indoor cycling, music, traveling and fashion. After graduation, Walker plans on moving down to Los Angeles in search of a job in the entertainment or fashion industry.

Kellie Sones

Account Executive

Kellie Sones is passionate about public relations. Her love for people, culture and travel is what led her to pursue a career in PR. With an open mind about postgraduation plans, Sones hopes to work in philanthropic PR or the entertainment industry either in the U.S. or abroad. Sones is confident her work ethic and ambition will bring her success in the future.

Raquel Borrayo

Assistant Account Executive

Raquel Borrayo is currently the public relations director for the Northern California Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership group. As a volunteer with HOBY for seven years, she facilitates leadership development within high school students and is involved in annual seminar planning. After graduation, Borrayo hopes to pursue her love of sports or beauty with a career in public relations.

Megan Katz

Assistant Account Executive

Megan Katz’s love for a challenge and trying new things led her to discover her passion for public relations and marketing. Katz is excited to begin a new semester and gain practical experience with TGC. After graduation, she hopes to move to San Francisco and pursue a career in an agency.

Eden Wylie

Assistant Account Executive

Eden Wylie’s passion for writing led her to public relations. She loves exploring new places, meeting new people and hopes to travel the world one day. Wylie is open to many different PR career paths after graduation, but her dream is to work in the beauty industry.

Hayley Barrett

Assistant Account Executive

Hayley Barrett is a hardworking, fashion-loving professional that brings her positive attitude to the workplace. During spring 2012, she spent the semester abroad in Thailand and it helped her to rediscover her love for storytelling. After graduation, Barrett hopes to combine her passions for writing, film and PR in the entertainment industry.

Eli Gibbs

Lead Photographer/Videographer

In addition to TGC, Eli Gibbs works avidly with KCSC radio and his fraternity, Sigma Chi. His passion for sports began as a child and has led him to pursue a career working for an athletic organization after graduation.

Colin Leiker


Colin Leiker grew up in Los Angeles, where he was heavily influenced by design and architecture. After working at a print shop in high school, he discovered the world of design as a career. During college, he discovered his passion for travel and photography. His current goal is to seek out design internships abroad where he can further develop his photo, video, and design skills. When he is not behind a camera or on a computer, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and seeking out any opportunity to practice his German.

Natalie Lessa


Natalie Lessa has a passion for photography, writing and sustainability. As a part of the TGC team, she is responsible for using her creativity and editing skills to take photos and videos. Lessa has experience in public relations at Butte Environmental Council and AS Sustainability. After graduating in May 2013, she hopes to educate people about environmental and health issues by working in PR or news.

Ashleigh Speaker

Graphic Designer

Ashleigh Speaker previously interned for three semesters at The Orion where she held positions in advertising design and editorial design. In her spare time, Speaker can be found working on her latest art project or experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe. After graduation, she hopes to work in a large city.

Amanda Papapietro

Graphic Designer

Amanda Papapietro’s passion and love for art has inspired her to achieve a professional career in graphic design. Papapietro is an active member in her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta previously serving as vice president of campus relations as well as purchasing coordinator. Her thought and creative spirit prompted a desire to become a graphic designer in the entertainment industry. She has great pride in her Italian heritage and dreams of going to Italy after graduation to visit her extended family. Papapietro is honored to be a valued team member of TGC, and looks forward to further promoting her graphic design education.

Debra Johnson

Faculty Adviser

Debra Johnson's journey in TGC began back in fall 1990, when the agency first launched. She served as an account executive that first semester and business director in spring 1991. Today, Johnson is TGC's faculty adviser. In addition to TGC, Johnson teaches "Public Relations Publications" and "Public Relations Laboratory." Prior PR positions included assistant account executive with Waggener Edstrom, marketing coordinator for Moon Travel Handbooks, project director for a statewide family planning program and PR director for the Gateway Science Museum.