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Hello Kadelpians!

Thank you to all of the people that joined us for our initiation. We had a wonderful evening with our new initiates and thank yuo to our key-note
speaker Laurel Hill-Ward. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful year.

Thank You for a Wonderful Year
We had a very successful year with all of our activities and fundraisers. Thanks to all of the new and old
members who helped us fulfil our goals and make a wonderful contributuion to our local Chico schools. Good 
luck to those who are graduating and we hope to see everyone else next year.

Need Information?
We have meetings twice a month and anyone is more than welcome to join.  Please look at our schedule and feel free to
stop by if you have any questions. 

Make sure you don't forget to sign up for the mailing list so you can know when meetings and events are coming up!  

If you have any questions about KDP or the upcoming events and activities, please feel free to contact any of the officers.
We love  hearing from you and knowing that you are interested! You may also feel free to e-mail us at kdp_csuchico@yahoo.com, 
for those who do not know who to e-mail!

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