General CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) Information

CSET - Multiple Subject:

    CSET:MS exams consist of three separate subtests; each composed of both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. Each subtest is separately scored. The three subtests are:

                I.      Reading, Language and Literature
                        History and Social Science
                II.     Science
                III.   Physical Education
                        Human Development
                        Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)



Total: $216.00

    All three subtests are designed to be completed in a five-hour session. Subtests are not individually timed. You may take each subtest separately or all three simulatneously. Once you pass a subtest, you do not have to take that subtest again as long as you use the score toward certification within five years of the test date. Subtests may be retaken as many times as you choose.
    Multiple subject teacher must pass the CSET:MS in order to be employed by a Title I school. This test can also be used to satisfy Subject Matter Competency for multiple subject candidates with majors other than Liberal Studies.

CSET - Single Subject:
    At the present time there exist CSET:SS exams in English, Math, Science, and Social Science. The exam in each single subject area consists of three or four separate subtests. Each subtest is separately scored. To pass the exam in your subject area, you must earn a passing score on all subtests. Most subtests contain both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions.

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