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August 23 th, 2009

The Alpha Nu Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at 7:00 pm on August for 23, 2009 for an officers meeting.  The meeting was called to order by the President. The following officers were present:

Officers Present: Megan Wolf - President, Kelsey Hallstrom - Vice President, Jenna Oliverio - Secretary, Melissa Sill - Treasurer, Janelle D'Amico - Fundraiser, Alex Smart - Historian, Liz Knirk -Publicity, Brittany Tom -Web Designer.


Meeting Opened at 7:15

Brainstorming for Membership Position
-Julie Johnson
-Liz or Brittany taking over; bring in someone else to do PR
-Alyssa Carver

Meeting Dates:
Officer Meetings:
Sundays @ 7pm (Liz’s House)
Monday, September 7th (due to Labor Day wkd)
October 4th
November 8th
December 6th
Member Meetings:
Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Wednesdays at 5pm
September 9th @5- Introduction
September 22nd @6:30
October 6th @6:30
October 21st @5
November 3rd @6:30-Ice Cream Social
November 18th @5- Megan, about Convo.
December 8th @6:30- Games

Speakers for Meetings
*Healthy Play- Program for elementary schools
*Interviews or Resume- Kate from SSC
*Principal from Emma Wilson
Art person
School Psychologist
Math teachers- Sonjay, Katy Early, Bill Fisher

Chico Bags- Janelle to order 100
Car Washes (Sept. 12th and 20th) 
The Bear (September 30th) and Panda Express (October 27th)
Bake Sale (November)
Alex: Book Fair (December 2nd and 3rd)

Jenna and Liz: Awesome Autumn Authors (Emma Wilson) October?
Kelsey and Alex: Up Till Dawn (November 2nd)
Brittany and Jenna: Chico Peace & Justice Display
Melissa and Janelle: Fun without Alcohol Fair (October)
Megan: Bowling Social

Someone else?

Asilomar Conference
December 4th-6th

Brittany and Liz will make and put in mailbox. Announce in education related classes!

Meeting closed at 9:00 pm

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