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Spring 2005

National members are eligible to apply for the following 2005-2006 scholarships:

President's Scholarships for ten undergraduate students; $500 each.
Counselor's Scholarships for five graduate students; $1,000 each.
Distinguished Dissertation Award for one doctoral student; $1,000.
J. Jay Hostetler Scholarships for four student teachers; $500 each (2 awarded in the spring and 2 awarded in the fall).
Harold D. Drummond Scholarships for four undergraduate and graduate students in Elementary Education; $500-$1,000 each.
Louisa Anne Oriente Scholarships for four graduate students in Curriculum & Teaching; $500-$1,000 each.
Vincent McGrath Scholarships for two undergraduate students in Elementary Education; $500-$1,000 each.
Marcella L. Kysilka Doctoral Student Scholarship in Curriculum Studies or Educational Psychology; $2,000.

In addition, Kappa Delta Pi in conjunction with the Association of Teacher Educators
awards the National Student Teacher/Intern of the Year Award.

        Applications must come through the Alpha Nu chapter before being officially submitted (signatures from President and Advisor are required). One applicant per scholarship per chapter is allowed. Applications are due to Headquarters no later than Sunday, May 15th, 2005. The prerequisite due date to the Alpha Nu Chapter is Tuesday, April 5th, 2005.

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