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Movement Studies Option with a Pattern in APA

This academic program is designed for students who would like to work with individuals with disabilities in a physical activity or recreational setting, not in the public schools. Graduates of this program may work in community recreational programs, health clubs, regional centers, or other non-public school programs.


Adapted Physical Activity Pattern (20–21 Units)

5 courses required:

APA Pattern Requirement Units Term
Prerequisites: First Aid and CPR or faculty permission; WSI recommended.    
KINE 315 Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity 2.0 Fall / Spring
KINE 345 Human Movement, Learning, and Performance 3.0 Fall / Spring
KINE 351 Aquatics for the Adapted Instructor 3.0 Spring
KINE 513 Programming for Individuals with Physical and Neurological Disabilities 3.0 Spring
KINE 514 Programming for Individuals with Mental, Emotional, and Learning Disabilities 3.0 Fall

Plus 2 courses selected from:

APA Pattern Options Units Term
KINE 316 Principles of Sports Injury Management 4.0 Fall / Spring
KINE 381 Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries 3.0 Spring
KINE 515 Collaboration in Adapted Physical Education 3.0 Spring
KINE 516 Motor Assessment for Individuals with Disabilities 3.0 Fall
KINE 485 Seminar in Sports Medicine 3.0 Fall / Spring
RECR 264 Therapeutic Recreation Techniques
3.0 Fall / Spring
RECR 466 Program Management for Special Populations 3.0 Fall

KINE Course Descriptions

RECR Course Descriptions