Service Learning Programs

Sensory and Motor Autism Clinic

The mission of the Sensory and Motor Autism Clinic is to promote the sensory, motor, communicative, and cognitive skills of individuals with pervasive developmental disorders through a multi-sensory approach to learning.

BE:WEL Community Program

The BE:WEL (Beyond Exercise: Wellness Enhancement for Life) program is designed for adults with disabilities and is open to the community for enrollment. Activities include weight training, aquatics, stretching, nutritional assessment, or personalized programming. The mission of the BE:WEL Program is to provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to take personal responsibility for their well being in an accessible supportive environment.

KIDS:PLAY Community Program

The mission of KIDS:PLAY (Kids Integrated Development of Skills: Parental Leadership and Advocacy for Youth) is to involve children in physical activity and social interaction. Our goal is to develop and enhance motor skills, improve self-esteem and create new learning experiences. This program provides the volunteers, participants and parents with new learning opportunities and community connections. It is a promoting, accepting and inclusive environment for all children.

Public Schools Program

Throughout the Adapted Physical Activity Program, university students have a variety of opportunities to work with children from pre-school through high school in adapted physical education settings. These opportunities provide valuable early learning experiences for individuals seeking adapted physical education specialist credentials or masters programs with a focus on adapted physical education.