Outdoor Education is Suspended

Mission Statement

The mission of the Outdoor Education Advising Pattern is to promote the use of lifelong physical activity in outdoor environments and to create healthier individuals through educational, personal, and spiritual growth.

Program Goals

  • To protect the health and well being of all students.
  • To provide our students with challenging educational experiences, which enhance leadership, teach safety and judgment, nurture an environmental ethic, and develop technical skills.
  • Provide for personal and spiritual growth in a way that enhances our mission.
  • Be a respected voice on outdoor-educational issues.
  • To promote a sense of community among our students, faculty, alumni and friends.
  • Bring passion, dedication, and integrity to all that we do.



We believe living and learning in a wilderness environment fosters self-reliance, judgment, respect, and a sense of responsibility for our actions. In wilderness environments, nature is dominant and situations and their consequences are real.


Our courses are designed towards the teaching of outdoor education; as such, they are taught with the developing professional in mind and are not offered as an outdoor recreational service for the University population.


We encourage the evolution of judgment, leadership, personal responsibility and awareness of group needs.


We believe risk, both actual and perceived, are inherent to outdoor education. Recognizing and managing risks is critical to the development of judgment and leadership. Safe operation depends on good judgment based on experience, training, knowledge and humility.


We recognize the University as being a part of a larger community and value our role in that community. Therefore collaborative programs with public and private schools are vital to our overall mission.


We seek excellence in all that we do. We strive to constantly learn and adapt from mistakes, build and celebrate our success and by doing so we foster a dedication to continuous growth towards excellence.