General Information

If you have not met your adviser yet, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The following information will help you get prepared for your advising meetings. You should meet with your adviser a minimum of once a semester to make sure you are on track for graduation. At each meeting bring an updated transcript (obtain from CSU Web Portal).

Your advisers can meet with you during office hours.

It is your responsibility to meet with your adviser in a timely manner for all questions and requirements regarding graduation, transfer of units etc.

If you wish to transfer an upper division course, your adviser will decide if the course content of that class is similar enough to replace an existing PETE requirement. To aid the decision making process, provide your adviser with a copy of the college transcript, course syllabus, evidence of completed course work and the instructor's contact information.

Your general education (GE) adviser (Meriam Library 180) is the person who helps you with any questions regarding GE requirements, including lower division transfers.

In order to graduate, you will need to be certified in first aid and CPR. There are numerous ways to earn these certifications at a relatively low cost. These certifications are required for student teaching and any teaching jobs.

We strongly encourage you to take a number of physical activity courses in order to expand your movement skill knowledge and performance repertoire as a physical educator. Be sure to take courses in physical activities and sports that you know little about, or where your expertise is minimal. If you are unable to add the units to your load, find alternative ways to learn the needed activities. Remember that as soon as during student teaching you will be expected to teach a wide variety of skills and activities that may not be the emphasized in the PETE program.

If you want to pursue a credential at another university, you are only required to complete the units leading to the BA in Kinesiology, with an option in Physical Education Teacher Education, at CSU-Chico. This means that you must independently secure the information about pre-requisites for the potential credential program(s) you want to pursue. You may, if possible complete those prerequisites at CSU-Chico.