Guide to Subject Matter Competence in Physical Education

For Students With a Degree in Kinesiology, Physical Education, Human Performance or Exercise Science - Other Than PETE (Physical Education Teacher Education)

Students holding a degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Human Performance or Exercise Science (i.e. Exercise Physiology or Movement Studies) from any four-year university may seek subject matter competence in Physical Education through an individually prescribed course sequence. Each student’s transcripts will be evaluated, and the courses below will be prescribed as needed.

In order to be admitted to this option, students must hold a degree seven years to the current date. For students holding degrees with graduation dates beyond seven years, we suggest completion of all semester units included in the Physical Education and Teacher Education Blended program (which results in Subject matter Competence and a CA Teaching credential), or completion of the state’s subject matter competence exam(s) (C-SET, SSAT, Praxis), and then enrollment in a credential program.

Students who have graduated with degrees in Kinesiology within the last seven years may obtain subject matter competence in physical education by completing the following 30 semester units (or less depending on PETE adviser’s evaluation of transcripts), and by earning a GPA of 2.75 or better in these courses.

KINE 305 - Philosophy of School Based P.E. - 3 Units

KINE 309 or 302 - DAPE for Children or Foundations of Childhood PE - 3 Units

KINE 410 - DAPE for Middle School Students - 3 Units

KINE 484 - DAPE for High School Students - 3 Units

KINE 315 - Intro to Adapted Physical Education - 3 Units

KINE 411 - Assessment in Physical Education - 3 Units

KINE 321/KINE 345 - Motor Development and Behavior;  Human Movement/Learn/Perform - 3 Units

KINE 206 - DAPE Aquatics and Net Games - 3 Units

KINE 308 - Rhythms/Dance/Education Gymnastics - 3 Units

KINE 312 - DAPE Outdoor Adventure and Non-traditional Sports - 3 Units

Total Units: 30 Units