Steps to Completing the BA Portion of the PETE Option

Step I: Program Entry & Progress

  • Make an appointment with your adviser ASAP.
  • Read current university catalog regarding requirements for:
    • The PETE Blended program.
    • General Education Requirements.
    • Upper Division Theme Requirements
  • Meet with your adviser and create a program plan. Check in with your adviser at least once a semester to make sure you are on track to graduate on time (bring updated transcript).
  • Make sure you are aware of the various portfolio reviews and that you submit your portfolio on time for each review (this process is in progress, so ask your adviser for details).

Step II: Preparing for Graduation

  • One YEAR before graduation, complete the "Application for Graduation" form. Pick the form up from the Admission & Records office (Meriam Library 180).
  • Make an appointment with your adviser to complete the "Major Clearance Form (MCF)". Have the MCF signed by the department chair and submit the signed form with your application for graduation.
  • Ask your adviser about your Subject matter Competence standing. You must have 2.67 cumulative GPA, or 2.75 in the major (last 60 units).
  • In your second semester in the PETE program, pick up an application packet from the EDUC department (Tehama). Read it carefully and make sure you will be completing all their requirements in the timeline required. NOTE: You must take the C-BEST prior to applying to the credential program, and you will not be recommended for admission unless you pass all sections.

Step III: Semester of Graduation

  • Set up an appointment with your adviser and update your MCF.
  • Complete the exit survey and interview through the department office.
  • Set up a meeting with your adviser and obtain your Subject Matter Competence form.