Supplementary Authorization to Teach Physical Education

The PETE program philosophy is congruent with the University’s vision for intensive, high-quality learning environments, cutting edge learning and information resources, intellectual rigor, and moral development. Furthermore, the program coincides with the University’s concept of a well-prepared teacher. This view of prospective teachers includes preparation of:

  • Effective teachers for schools who will be ready to serve a diverse population of learners based on demographic changes in California.
  • Informed and reflective teachers who can link theory and practice.
  • Teachers who are knowledgeable and skillful agents of change who insure that schools are places where California’s future is shaped.
  • Teachers who understand the developmental nature of learners in a pluralistic society.
  • Teachers who value lifelong learning and are committed to personal growth and development.

PETE graduates are educated to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all students, with the ultimate goal to help these students become physically active for the rest of their lives. The program helps prospective teachers meet the individual needs of students. It gives future teachers the tools they need to encourage lifetime participation in physical activity, which in turn helps develop fitness and wellness in California’s youth. In addition, the program prepares prospective teachers to advance state and national standards for physical education (the California Framework and Challenge Standards as well as the National Association for Sport and Physical Education [NASPE] standards).

Supplementary Authorization to Teach Physical Education

Students earning subject matter competence in an area outside of physical education may seek a supplementary authorization to teach physical education . An Introductory Physical Education Supplementary Authorization allows you to teach physical education through the 9th grade curriculum level. To earn a supplement in Physical Education at CSU-Chico students should successfully complete the following courses (the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that you earn a C or better in each course):

Required Courses 

KINE 309 or 302 - Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education for Children or Foundations of Childhood PE - 3 Units

KINE 410 - Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education for Middle School Students - 3 Units

KINE 484 - Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education for High School Students - 3 Units

KINE 321 - Motor Development and Behavior - 3 Units

KINE 308 - Teaching Rhythms and Dance - 3 Units