Advisory Board

For almost ten years the Department of Kinesiology has benefited from the advice and support of our Advisory Board. While we always welcome feedback from alumni, we have invited several Kinesiology professionals to help us in a more formal way on the Department of Kinesiology Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board met in December 2010 and in March 2011 the board will be meeting again.

Below is a profile of our current board members. The Department of Kinesiology would like to thank them for their contributions. We hope the alumni and students get to know these folks and will consider joining them on the board in the future.  The board typically meets twice a year for a two-hour session.

Drew Coleman Elementary Physical Education
Rod Corn Adult Fitness & NASM Certification
Dan DeJager
Jody Dressler Adapted Physical Education
Kristen Fisher Fitness
Gia Grim Youth Fitness
Elizabeth Kyle Coaching/CIF
Leigh Langerwerf Physical Therapy
Tami Lee-Webb Adult Fitness
Deanna Lowe-Parrish Adult Fitness
Pete Mathiesen Physical Education/Coaching
Joan Mora Youth Gymnastics
Jean Murphy-Atkins Physical Education/Coaching
Jeff Nicholl Physical Therapy
Carol Stanley-Hall Physical Education
Dick Trimmer Physical Education/Coaching
Dave Valponi Physical Therapy
Mike Weiss Exercise Physiology
Will Wilbur Physical Therapy