Daniel Human Nominated and Awarded The Rawlins Award

Daniel Human was nominated and awarded the Rawlins Award

Daniel is pursuing his degree in exercise physiology, as he maintains honors in general education as a member of the National Honors Society. He is the recipient of the Ranko Moeller Scholarship for Outstanding Honors Students, an Academic and Performance Scholarship, and a medal from the mayor of Thousand Oaks, California, for outstanding youth in volunteer services.

He also received a merit scholar award and serves as chair for the academic affairs committee for the Associated Students. Additionally, Daniel serves as the senator for the College of Communication and Education, and he is a nationally certified and state-licensed emergency medical technician. His volunteer service record includes work for the Shalom Free Clinic. His nominator, Josh Trout, wrote of Daniel, “Daniel has fulfilled his many scholarship, extracurricular activities, and professionally related responsibilities with integrity, quality, and distinction.”

Daniel Human Award

Daniel Human