Program Advisors and Coordinators

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Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science

Jack Azevedo - Coordinator
Phone: 898-5878
Office: YOLO 275

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: TR 12-12:50pm or by appointment

Steve Henderson
Phone: 898-4072
Office: YOLO 271

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: MWRF 9:30-11am, MW 12-2pm or by appointment

Deanna Lowe
Phone: 898-6120
Office: YOLO 252

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: M 2:00-2:45pm and F 12-2pm

Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)

Luciana Carvalhal Braga
Phone: 898-4841
Office: YOLO 283

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: M 2:30-5pm, TR 2-3pm
Movement Studies, Coaching Admin, All Minors

Jolene Barry
Phone: 898-3653
Office: YOLO 263

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: MW 2-4pm and F 10-11:30am

Marci Pope
Phone: 898-6069
Office: YOLO 265

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: TR 11-1:30pm
Graduate Program:

Cheng Tu Hsieh
Phone: 898-4329
Office: YOLO 256

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: M 10-12pm, W 1-2pm
Adapted Physical Education

Rebecca Lytle
Phone: 898-4298
Office: YOLO 262

Spring 2018 Advising Hours: TR 2-4pm or by appointment
Athletic Training

Scott Barker
Phone: 898-5873
Office: ACKR 149

Spring 2018 Advising Hours:T 12-2pm or by appointment
Department Chair

Kevin Patton
Phone: 898-6373

Office Hours: MW 3-4pm, F 9am-10am or by appointment