Liz Elizondo

photo Liz Elizondo

I was admitted to CSU Chico as a Business Information Systems major and through general education requirements I discovered the field of Latin American Studies. For the first time ever, I was learning a history that I could relate to and I was so enthralled by the major that I kept on taking courses. Dr. Stephen Lewis commented on one of my blue book exams, “Are you a history major?” This sparked my curiosity because I had never thought of myself as a historian, but I really enjoyed history courses!  I double majored in Business and Latin American Studies, graduated in 2007 and decided to pursue a master’s degree in Latin American Studies at San Diego State University (SDSU). While at SDSU, I was once again introduced to the interdisciplinary world of Latin American Studies and it was there that I decided to focus on history and pursue a PhD. I am currently a PhD candidate in Colonial Latin American history at the University of Texas at Austin.
​​I reminisce of my time spent in Chico often, about the amazing faculty that helped shape my view of the world at a young age, and about that serendipitous comment made by Dr. Lewis in that blue book, (which I still have!) that propelled my future in an unexpected direction.