Gellius. Avli gellii Noctivm atticarum, 1515. Call No.: PA6390 A2 1515 (Rare Book)

Ramey, Earl. The Beginnings of Marysville, 1936. Call No.: F869 M39 R3 (Rare Book)

Wheat, Carl Books of the California Gold Rush, 1949. Call No.: Z1261 W5 (Rare Book)

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Title: The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift
Author: Swift, Jonathan
Date: 1760-1745
Description: Full leather, spine stamped in gold. Marbled endpapers, laid paper with watermarks. Engraved frontis, title page printed in red and black. Profusely illustrated with engravings. Privileges, catchwords, signatures, long 'S' type, and some Italic type. 18 volumes.
Call #: PR3720 D60 (Rare Book)

Title: History of the Horn-book
Author: Tuer, Andrew White
Date: 1869
Description: Vellum over boards, cover and spine stamped in gold. Cut and gilt top edge, others uncut, marbled end papers. Book contains actual Horn-books, both wood and leather. Profusely Illustrated. Privileges "To the Queen-Empress." 2 volumes.
Call #: Z1033 H8 T8 (Rare Book)

Title: A History of the Late Siege of Gibraltar; with a Description and Account of that Garrison, From the Earliest Periods.
Author: Bethune, John Drinkwater
Date: 1786
Description: Full leather stamped in gold. Marbled endpapers, laid paper with watermarks. Numerous engraved fold-out views and maps. Privilege, long 'S' type, signatures, marginal notes, and catchwords.
Call #: DA87.5 1779 B4 (Rare Book)

Title: Numismata. A Discourse of Medals, Antient and Modern.
Author: Evelyn, John
Date: 1697
Description: Full leather, blind stamped on front and back, spine stamped in gold. Goffered edges, marbled endpapers, title page printed in red and gold, laid paper with watermarks. Profusely illustrated with engravings of medallions. Dedication, signatures, catchwords, marginal notes, long 'S' type, and some Italic type.
Call #:CJ5538 E8 (Rare Book)

Title: Decamerone
Author: Boccaccio, Giovanni
Date: 1541
Description: Full leather, blind tooled and stamped in gold. Gilt edges all around, laid paper with watermark. Illustrated title page, Italic type, long 'S' type, signatures, catchwords, register, and colophon. Handwritten marginal notes, handwritten title on cover.
Call #: PQ4267 A2 1541 (Rare Book)

Title: Scotland: an Archaeological Guide, from Earliest Times to the 12th Century A.D.
Author: Mackie, Euan Wallace
Date: 1779
Description: Quarter leather, spine stamped in gold. Rag paper with marbled edges. Profusely illustrated with engravings. Beautiful colored fold-out map of Scotland, dated 1791. Long 'S' type, catchwords, and signatures. 2 volumes.
Call #: DA770 M22 (Rare Book)

Title: Around the World in San Francisco
Author: Austin, Leonard
Date: 1940
Description: Cloth spine, paper cover over boards. Colored paper pages with deckle edges. Profusely illustrated with block prints. Wonderful descriptions of San Francisco's ethnic groups. 500 copies printed.
Call #: F869 S3 A9 1940 (Rare Book)

Title: American Clipper Ships, 1833-1856.
Author: Howe, Octavis Thorndike
Date: 1926-27
Description: Paper wraps, cloth over boards. Illustrated with lithographs, wood engravings, and paintings of ships. Charts, diagrams, and maps. 2 volumes.
Call #:VM23 H6 (Rare Book)

Title: A Collection of Parliamentary Debates in England from the Year M,DC,LXVIII to the Present Time.
Author: Great Britain Parliament
Date: 1739-1749
Description: Full leather with spine stamped in gold. Laid paper, signatures, catchwords, and marginal notes. Long 'S' type. 24 volumes.
Call #: J301 H8 1739 (Rare Book)

Title: Reports of Explorations and Surveys: to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
Author: United States War Department
Date: 1855-1860
Description: Profusely illustrated with color and black and white etchings showing scenic views, flora, fauna, and detailed maps. 12 volumes.
Call #: F593 U58 (Rare Book)

Title: Nouvelle Cuisine Bourgeoise: pour la Ville et pour la Campagne
Author: Dubois, Urbain
Date: 1878
Description: Illustrated paper over boards. Engraved frontis with paper guard. Detailed description of French cuisine including 200 menus.
Call #: TX719 D82 1878

Title: The Plan of St. Gall: a Study of the Architecture and Economy of Life in a Paradigmatic Carolingian Monastery
Author: Horn, Walter William
Date: 1979
Description: A three volume set giving a detailed view of monastic life, beginning in the 9th century, inferred from the architectural plans of the monastery of St. Gall. Beautifully illustrated with maps, plans, drawing, etc.
Call #: NA5843 H67 (Rare Book)

Title: The House that Jeffers Built
Author: Jeffers, Garth
Publisher: Yolla Bolly Press
Date: 1993
Description: Woodblock illustrated cloth over boards in slip case. Numerous photographs of Robinson Jeffers, his family, and home. Signed by Garth Jeffers. 175 editions/copy 111. 2 volumes.
Call #: PS3519 E27 Z6255 (Rare Book)

Title: The Art of Beautifying Suburban Home Grounds of Small Extent
Author: Scott, Frank Jesup
Date: 1872
Description: Cloth stamped in gold, gilt head. Profusely illustrated. Extensive monograph of 19th Century landscaping methods, including many botanical diagrams.
Call #: SB473 S4 1872 (Rare Book)

Title: Essays of Leigh Hunt
Author: Hunt, Leigh
Date: 1891
Description: Half leather, spine stamped in gold, covers inset with marbled paper. Marbled endpapers, laid paper, watermark, deckle tail and fore-edge. Engraved frontis with tissue guard. Engraved title page in red and black. Marginal head ornament, colophon, and factotum. 150 published/copy 84.
Call #: PR4810 A5 J6 (Rare Book)

Title: Maumbury Ring
Author: Hardy, Thomas
Date: 1942
Description: Paper over boards with paper title label. Laid paper with watermark. Colophon. 100 published/copy 46.
Call #: PR4750 M2 1942 (Rare Book)

Title: A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage, Together with the Sense of Antiquity Upon this Argument
Author: Collier, Jeremy
Date: 1698
Description: Full leather, blind stamped and tooled, goffered edges in gold. Laid paper with watermark. Long 'S' type, Italic, Roman, and Gothic type. Text primarily English with some French and Latin. Marginal notes, catchwords, and signatures. Publisher's advertisement. Errata at end of table of contents. Decorated bookplate "Collegium sive aula D. Catharinae in Universitate Cantabrigiensi."
Call #: PN2047 C6 1698 (Rare Book)

Title: [Virgil] This Elaborate Translation of the Prince of Latine Poets, Virgil, with Sculpture, and Illustrated with annotations by John Ogilby
Author: Virgil
Date: 16--
Description: Laid paper. Long 'S' type with Greek and Latin text. Dedication "To the illustrious and high-born Princess the Lady Mary, Eldest Daughter to his Royal Highness James Duke of York...." Engraved illustrations. Stamped, engraved seal on page one. Signature, catchwords, and marginal head ornaments.
Call #:PA6807 A1 O4 (Rare Book)

Title: Roughing it, by Mark Twain
Author: Twain, Mark (Samuel L Clemens)
Date: 1872
Description: Cloth over boards, blind stamped borders, front central illustration stamped in gold. Double frontis illustration with tissue guard. Profusely illustrated. Copy is Salesman's Dummy with four or five leaves of subscriber's names removed.
Call #: PS1318 A1 1872 (Rare Book)

Title: Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861
Author: Wheat, Carl
Date: 1957-1963
Description: Cloth covers, spine leather stamped in gold. Deckle fore-edge, watermarks. Profusely illustrated with views and numerous maps, many fold-out. 5 volumes.
Call #: GA405 W5 (Rare Book)

Title: Paradise Lost; a Poem, in Twelve Books.
Author: Milton, John
Date: 1719
Description: Full leather stamped in gold. Laid paper. Engraved frontis portrait, engraved illustrations throughout. Decorated head ornaments and ornamental initials. Privileges, catchwords, signatures, and index with marginal numbers. Includes publisher's advertisements and "Notes upon the twelve books of Paradise Lost, written by Mr. Addison."
Call #: PR3560 1719 (Rare Book)

Title: Avli Gellii Noctivm Atticarvm Libri Vndeviginti
Author: Gellius, Aulus
Date: 1515
Description:Full leather, blind stamped and tooled, spine stamped in gold. Laid paper, gilt and goffered edges all around. Aldine printer's device in red and black in front and black in back of book (Aldus Manutius). Italic, Greek, Roman, and long 'S' type. Guide letters, signatures, catchwords, register, and colophon. First edition of 1515.
Call #: PA6390 A2 1515 (Rare Book)

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