Drive-by shootings in which teenage boys galloped down the street on horses and started randomly shooting at houses, carriages, or anything else that caught their fancy were an ongoing problem in Denver and other cities in the West.

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Class officers

Class Officers

The Normal Record Staff

The Normal Record Staff

Football Team

Football Team

School Football

Chico State Normal School Football
ca 1900

Chico State Women's basketball, ca 1900

Chico State Normal School Women's basketball
ca 1900

Baseball Team

Baseball team

Chico Normal School Baseball

Chico Normal School Baseball
Back row left to right: Stamper, Miller, Van Liew, Henderson, Seymour, Adams
ca 1900

Zoology picnic, 1900 Chico CA

On Zoology Picnic. Classmates: Calder, Williams, Spencer, Burk H.G. Reynolds
"Scene on Big Chico, one mile" above town.
Taken Fall of 1900.

Class of 1900, Chico State Normal School

June Class of 1900 of Chico State Normal School
1.Geo. E. Mortenson
2. Elnor Stilson
3. Scott Hendricks
4. MyrtleBrown
5. Florence Rummelsburg
6. Flora McNeil
7. William Eastman
8. Gabrielle Flanagan
9. Richard Sisk
10. Lee Bruce
11. Laura Lopp
12. Mattie Parks
13. Jennie Boyle
14. Maude Stanford
15. Nellie McMurray
16. James T. Matlock Jr. of Red Bluff
17. Duke Stanifer
18. Mary Taylor
19. Stebbins; Cyril
20. Mattie Springer
21. Mary Hetschel
22. Myrtle Shonkurler
23. Julia McCormack
24. Prof. Stamfer (class teacher)
25. Lottie Bidwell
26. Rose Taber
27. Harriet Schofield
28. Kate Burt
29. Bessie Cosby
30. Fred Hutchinson
31. Theraiz Pepin (?)
32. Olive Martin
33. Agness Hoffman
34. Sadie Gaffney
35. Margaret Matthews 36. Adele Bare or Bear
37. Ovid Ritter
38. Bert Glover
39. Ruth Mery
40. Hadassah Cleek
41. Aartie Christian

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