Diseno, or hand drawn sketch map, on parchment, which accompanied the original plot of Rancho del Arroyo Chico as confirmed to John Bidwell, July 1859.

Birds-eye-view map of Chico, 1871.
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  1. Official Map Of Plumas County
    Date: 1874 circa
    1 map: blueline copy, 89 X 110 cm. Scale 1:120,000
    Description: Map shows railroad stations/lines, stage stations, ranches, cities, roads, pack trails, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 P5 1874 K4 (N.E. Cal)

  2. Mapa Del Valle Del Sacramento (drawn by John Bidwell)
    Date: 1845 circa
    1 map: photocopy, 56 X 43 cm. Scale ca. 1:590,000
    Description: Facsimile of hand drawn map showing Ranchos, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 S12 1851 B5 (N.E. Cal)

  3. Sacramento River, California: From Chico landing to Red Bluff
    Date: 1923
    1 map: 26 sheets, blueline print, 70 X 110 cm. Scale 1:400
    Description: Detailed map showing vegetation, river soundings, elevation, building locations, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 S2 1923 (N.E. Cal)

  4. Official Map Of Yuba County, California
    1 map: 130 X 90 cm. Scale for main map not given, scales for insets vary.
    Description: Cadastral map showing landowners, cities, roads, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 Y8 G46 1902 C3 (N.E. Cal)

  5. Official Map Of Colusa County, California
    Date: 1902
    1 map: col., 89 X 136 cm. Scale 1:68,640 or 80 chains per inch.
    Description: Map shows land ownership, boundaries of central irrigation district, voting precincts, school districts, rivers, roads,cities, railroad, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 C6 1902 H6 (N.E. Cal)

  6. Rice's official map of the County of Glenn, State of California
    Date: 1914
    1 map: 102 X 196 cm. Scale not given.
    Description: Cadastral map showing landowners. Includes distance map, table showing assessed valuation of real and personal property, and list showing total acreage of farming land, grazing land, forests, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 G5 G46 1914 R5 (N.E. Cal)

  7. Official map of the County of Tehama
    Date: 1887
    1 map: col., mounted on cloth, 81 X 158 cm. Scale ca. 1:96,000.
    Description:Cadastral map showing landowners, also shows township and section line, supervisor districts, roads, railroads, creeks, flume, ditches, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 T4 G46 1887 S5 (N.E. Cal)

  8. Weber's Map Of Lassen County, California
    Date: 1914
    1 map: col., 93 X 66 cm. Scale ca. 1:165,000.
    Description: Map shows utility lines (gas and electric), railroads, wagon roads, schools, ranchos, township, reclamation districts, and irrigation projects.
    Call Number: G4363 L3 1914 W4 (N.E. Cal)

  9. Official Map Of Shasta County
    Date: 1891
    1 map: mounted on cloth, 109 X 165 cm. Scale ca. 1:100,000.
    Description: Map shows roads, rivers, cities, township/ranges, sections, post offices, schools, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 S6 1891 B7 (N.E. Cal)

  10. Official Map Of Trinity County, California
    Date: 1894
    1 map: blueline, 66 X 44 cm. Scale ca. 1:250,000.
    Description: Shows drainage, roads, land ownership, township and section lines, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 T7 1894 L6 (N.E. Cal)

  11. Official Map Of Modoc County, California
    Date: 1887
    1 map: hand col., 159 X 190 cm. Scale ca. 1:63,360.
    Description: Shows drawings, township & section lines, land ownership, judicial townships, school & road districts, etc.
    Call Number: G4263 M6 1887 S6 (N.E. Cal)

  12. Official Map Of Siskiyou County, California
    Date: 1911
    1 map: col., 95 X 163 cm. Scale not given
    Description: Map shows township, landownership, cities, roads, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 S5 1911 N6 (N.E. Cal)

  13. Plumas National Forest, California
    Date: 1916
    1 map: blackline, 118 X 91 cm. Scale ca. 1:120,000.
    Description: Recreation map showing trails, roads, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 P52 1916 U5 (N.E. Cal)

  14. Official Map Of Sutter County California
    Date: 1873
    1 map: blueline print, 105 X 75 cm. Scale 1:63,360.
    Description: Includes distances from courthouse in Yuba City, township/ranges, property ownership, roads, rivers etc.
    Call Number: G4363 S9 G46 1873

  15. Existing And Proposed major water developments in the State of California
    Date: 1951
    1 map: col. 64 X 93 cm. Not drawn to scale.
    Description: Diagrammatic map to show the features of the state water plan as originally proposed in 1931, together with the presently authorized features of the Central Valley Project
    Call Number:G4361 C3 1951 I7 (N.E. Cal)

  16. Map of the Oregon Territory: by the U.S. Ex. Charles Wilkes
    Date: 1845
    1 map: col., 59 X 89 cm. Scale ca. 1:3,100,000.
    Description: Map included in 5 volume text "Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition". Engraved map, giving a detailed view of the Oregon territory, showing topography, missions, cities, rivers, Native American territories, trails, etc. Includes insert detail of the Columbia River area.
    Call Number: G4240 1841 W5 (N.E. Cal)

  17. Sketch of the Idaho and California stage road from Chico to Boise city
    Date: 1860
    1 map: photocopy, 94 X 83 cm. Scale 1:633,600 or 1 inch equals 10 miles.
    Description: Includes descriptive notes, distance reference table, and shows trails, stage routes, cities, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.
    Call Number: G4211 P25 1860 M8 (N.E. Cal)

  18. Lassen National Forest, California
    Date: 1933
    Description: 1 map: col., 68 x 72 cm. Scale ca. 1:250,000.
    Description: Basemap, showing townships, lakes, rivers, roads, towns, physical features, buildings, railroads, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 L3 1933 U5 (N.E. Cal)

  19. Irrigation map of Northern California
    Date: 1912
    1 map: col., 100x82 cm. Scale ca. 1:500,000.
    Description: Base map, showing irrigated areas, canals, agriculture areas, irrigation districts, etc.
    Call Number: G4361 J4 1912 U51 (N.E. Cal)

  20. Soil map, Chico area, California
    Date: 1925
    1 map: col., 71 x 91 cm. Scale 1:63,360,
    Description: Geological map also showing roads, cities, schools, Ranchos, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 C3 J3 1925 U5 (N.E. Cal)

  21. Plat of the Rancho Arroyo Chico: finally confirmed to John Bidwell
    Date: 1859
    1 map: hand drawn and colored on linen, 41 x 71 cm. Scale ca. 1:36,920.
    Description: Map shows the city of Chico, property ownership, rivers, creeks, rail lines, township sections, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 B8 G465 1859 V8 (N.E. Cal.)

  22. Bird's eye view of Chico, Butte County, Cal. / drawn by Augustus Koch
    Date: 1871
    1 view: photocopy, 45 x 68 cm.
    Description: Pictorial view of Chico and surrounding countryside showing city streets, buildings, railroads, etc.
    Call Number: G4364 C4 A3 1871 K6 (N.E. Cal.)

  23. Map of the town of Chico
    Date: 1862
    1 map: reproduction of a blueline drawing, 83 x 67 cm. Scale 1:1,980
    Description: Early outline map showing streets, numbered blocks, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4364 C4 A1 1852 W5 (N.E. Cal)

  24. Bird's eye view of Redding Shasta County, California
    Date: 1889
    1 map: brown on white, 63 x 96 cm. Scale not given.
    Description: Pictorial view of the city and surrounding area of Redding. Includes inserts showing prominent local buildings and description of the city and county.
    Call Number: G4364 R7 A3 1889 B5 (N.E. Cal)

  25. Plan and profile of South Fork Yuba River
    Date: 1951
    16 maps + 9 profiles on 12 sheets, 56 x 72 cm. Scales vary.
    Description: Detailed viewed of Yuba River showing benchmark locations, elevation, distance, roads, cities, dams, etc.
    Call Number: G4362 Y8 C2 1951 G4 (N.E. Cal)

  26. Revised map of Chico Vecino map: Butte County, California
    Date: 1889
    1 map ; 48 x 55 cm., Scale ca. 1:7,200.
    Description: Early map of the city of Chico showing future location of CSU, Chico, Bidwell Mansion, city streets, size of city blocks, area's crops, etc.
    Call Number: G4364 C4 1889 C35 (N.E. Cal)

  27. Map showing dredging lands adjacent to Feather River Butte County, California
    Date: 1904
    1 map : blackline w/red indicator dots, 48 x 39 cm. Scale ca. 1:21,000.
    Description: Map names and shows location of 24 mines.
    Call Number: G4363 B8 H1 1904 J3 (N.E. Cal)

  28. Map of Butte County, California
    Date: 1862
    1 map : blue line print, 98 x 88 cm., Scale not given.
    Description: Historic map showing townships, Ranchos, cities, rivers, roads, trails, cities, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 B8 A1 1862 H4 (N.E. Cal)

  29. Map of the town of Red Bluff, Tehama County, California
    Date: 1911
    1 map: blackline, 95 x 66 cm. Scale 1:24,000.
    Description: Detailed view of the city of Red Bluff , showing streets, blocks, property ownership, schools, public buildings, etc.
    Call Number: G4364 R4 1911 L8 (N.E. Cal)

  30. Official map of Yuba County, California
    Date: 1902
    1 map: 130 x 90 cm., Scale not given.
    Description: Cadastral map showing landowners, cities, roads, rivers, etc.
    Call Number: G4363 Y8 G46 1902 C3 (N.E. Cal)

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