Gellius. Avli gellii Noctivm atticarum, 1515. Call No.: PA6390 A2 1515 (Rare Book)

Ramey, Earl. The Beginnings of Marysville, 1936. Call No.: F869 M39 R3 (Rare Book)

Wheat, Carl Books of the California Gold Rush, 1949. Call No.: Z1261 W5 (Rare Book) Sample title pages

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 Valuable and rare books are held in Special Collections where they receive more care and protection than is available in the open stacks. Books in this collection focus on rare, limited, and fine editions of northeastern Californiana. Contemporary fine printing is also represented by such presses as the Yolla Bolly Press, the Grabhorn Press, and the Arion Press. The Alfred Storm Bible Collection includes a Biblia Latina, printed by Johann Froben in 1498, and a Baskerville Bible, printed in 1769. Acquisitions to this unique collection are primarily through gifts from the Friends of the Meriam Library and private individuals.

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