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Liberal Studies

Advisory Board

Committee MembersEmail
Denise Adams: Dean of Instruction, Career Education, Butte Collegeadamsde@butte.edu
Charlene Armitage: Assistant Registrar, CSUCcearmitage@csuchico.edu
Jolene Barnhill: ITEP Grant Staff, CSUCjbarnhill@csuchico.edu
Lynn Bercaw: Director, School of Education, CSUClbercaw@csuchico.edu
John Bohannon: Director, State and Federal Programs, CUSDjbohannon@chicousd.edu
Tracy Butts: Chair of English, CSUCtbutts@csuchico.edu
Jamie Cinquini: Liberal Studies Program Advisor, CSUCjacinquini@csuchico.edu
Rick Ford: Chair of Mathematics, CSUCrford@csuchico.edu
Nicole Gray: Curriculum Services, CSUCngray@csuchico.edu
David Hassenzahl: Dean of Natural Sciences, CSUCdhassenzahl@csuchico.edu
Terri Hutton: Early Child Education, Butte Collegehuttonte@butte.edu
Linda Kline: Chair of Psychology, CSUClkline@csuchico.edu
Robert Knight: Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, CSUCrmknight@csuchico.edu
Stephen Lewis: Chair of History, CSUCslewis2@csuchico.edu
Rena Marino: Lead Liberal Studies Program Advisor, CSUCrjmarino@csuchico.edu
Brad Martin: Chair of Music and Theater, CSUCbemartin@csuchico.edu
Asa Mittman: Chair of Art, CSUCasmittman@csuchico.edu
Linda Mobilio-Keeling: Multiple Subject Credential Coordinator, CSUClmobilio-keeling@csuchico.edu
Julie Monet: Chair of Science Education, CSUCjmonet@csuchico.edu
Andrew Nichols: School of Education Credential Advisor, CSUCacnichols@csuchico.edu
Matthew Nyby: Degree Auditing, CSUCmnyby@csuchico.edu
Ryan Patten: Associate Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences, CSUCrpatten@csuchico.edu
Kevin Patton: Chair of Kinesiology, CSUCkpatton@csuchico.edu
Cari Phipps: Degree Auditing, CSUCcrphipps@csuchico.edu
Cindy Ratekin: Chair of Child Development, CSUCcratekin@csuchico.edu
Debbie Reynolds: Advisor and Counselor, Butte Collegereynoldsde@butte.edu
Eugenie Rovai: Chair of Social Science, CSUCerovai@csuchico.edu
Paula Selvester: ITEP Grant Director, Coordinator of Liberal Studies, CSUCpselvester@csuchico.edu
Rachel Sicke: Advisor and Counselor, Butte Collegesickera@butte.edu
Rachelle Souza: Credential Evaluator, CSUCrrsousa@csuchico.edu
Deborah Summers: ITEP Grant PI, Associate Dean, College of CME, CSUCdsummers@csuchico.edu
Matt Thomas: Associate Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences, CSUCmothomas@csuchico.edu
Angela Tretheway: Dean, College of Communication and Education, CSUCatretheway@csuchico.edu
Eddie Vela: Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences, CSUCevela@csuchico.edu
Erin Whitney: Education Specialist Credential Coordinator, CSUCewhitney@csuchico.edu