Online Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process whereby students and their advisors are partners in meeting and ensuring academic, personal, and career goals. This partnership requires proactive participation and involvement by both parties. It is a process that is built over the student’s entire educational career at CSU, Chico. Both parties have clear responsibilities for ensuring that this partnership is successful.

Advisee Responsibilities – What you are expected to do

As an advisee, you have clear responsibilities in this partnership in order to be successful:

  • Use your CSU, Chico WildcatMail address for all correspondence with advisors. To comply with FERPA guidelines we can only reply to WildcatMail for advising. E-mail will be used to answer most of your advising inquiries.
  • E-mail correspondence should be respectful, professional, and concise. Please read the following Web articles regarding e-mail etiquette.
  • Check your WildcatMail and the Liberal Studies Program Web site regularly.
  • Schedule a telephone appointment once per semester.
  • Use Assist to determine course equivalencies at California community colleges.
  • Refrain from following academic advice from friends, classmates, and parents. Only your liberal studies advisor can approve course substitutions.
  • Organize documents in a way that enables you to access them when needed.
  • Use the major academic plan (MAP) to record your progress.
  • Contact your advisor to verify your progress toward graduation. Do not use the degree progress report because it may not reflect current transfer credit.
  • Send official transcripts to academic evaluations when you complete coursework at other colleges or universities.
  • Clarify personal values and goals and provide your advisor with accurate and truthful information regarding your interests and abilities.
  • File a planned educational leave (PEL) for any semester in which you will not be enrolled in classes at CSU, Chico.
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and your actions (or inactions) that affect your educational progress and goals.

Liberal Studies Online Advisor Responsibilities – You can expect your advisor to

  • Respond to e-mail and telephone messages within two business days and in the order received. Keep in mind that certain times of the year may be busier, but we will respond as promptly as possible.
  • Protect and secure the integrity of the CSU, Chico degree by enforcing all university and departmental policies and requirements
  • Evaluate your transcripts prior to your first semester registration date
  • Provide you with a personalized major academic plan (MAP)
  • Treat you with respect and as an adult
  • Understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, requirements, and academic policies and procedures.
  • Find out the answer to your question if we don’t already know it and reply in a timely manner.
  • Encourage and guide you to define and develop clear and realistic educational plans
  • Provide you with information about campus resources and services
  • Monitor and accurately document your progress toward meeting your educational goals
  • Assist you in gaining decision-making skills and in assuming responsibility for your educational plans and decisions
  • Maintain confidentiality (will not discuss issues with parents or non-university persons without your written permission; will respond to academic questions only via WildcatMail accounts)

Expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Academic Advising Experience

Through the advising experience in liberal studies at CSU, Chico,

  • You will demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions concerning your degree and career goals.
  • You will develop an educational plan for successfully achieving your goals and select courses each semester to progress toward fulfilling your goals by using the MAP.
  • You will demonstrate an understanding of the value of the CSU, Chico degree through the value of the major/area of concentration/minor requirements.
  • You will utilize the resources and services on campus to assist you in achieving your academic, personal, and career goals.
  • You will make use of referrals to campus resources as needed.
  • You will graduate in a timely manner based on your educational plans.

Demonstrating Your Achievement of Learning Outcomes

In order to accurately measure and document that you have achieved the learning outcomes of your advising, you and the advisor will develop an on-going file of your advising work. This file will consist of a variety of documents including your basic contact information, your major clearance form, copies of e-mails, and a variety of documents that you and the advisor will develop together to demonstrate your academic goals.

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