Integrated Teacher Education Core (ITEC)

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Do you already know that you want to become a teacher?

ITEC may be just what you are looking for!

Integrated Teacher Education Core (ITEC) is an accelerated undergraduate program option that combines:

  • B.A. in Liberal Studies
  • Minor in Special Education
  • Preparation to enter a credential program for a Preliminary Credential in Multiple Subject (elementary school), Education Specialist, or Multiple Subject with Bilingual Authorization.
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What ITEC Offers You

As an ITEC freshman you will join a small cadre, or student learning community, for most of your university courses. You will quickly make friends among cadre members who are dedicated to becoming exemplary elementary teachers. Beginning with your first semester you will be placed at a nearby elementary school to work side by side with a local teacher to experience the “real-world” of the classroom and engage in interactive learning activities with students.

If you are committed to the challenging world of education and you want to study with others who feel the same way, ITEC may be the program for you.

ITEC Application Process and Deadlines for Fall 2015

Step 1 – You must be accepted for admission to CSU, Chico before applying to ITEC.

Step 2 – Submit your complete ITEC Application Packet by May 4, 2015.

Step 3 – Notification of ITEC Program Acceptance

Fall 2015 candidates will be notified of their ITEC acceptance status
by email within two weeks of the application deadline.

ITEC Application Packet

Your complete application packet consists of the following 5 items:

1. ITEC Application Online

2. Demographic Survey Online

3. Personal Letter of Introduction
Submit an electronic copy of a personal letter of introduction (written by you) that details your special interests and what motivates you to be a teacher. Have fun with this paper and show off your writing style. One to two pages will be sufficient. Your personal letter of introduction should be sent as an attachment by email to Pamela Morrell at 

4. Letter of Recommendation
Submit one professional letter of recommendation.

Who should write the letter of recommendation?
Someone in a professional capacity should write your letter of recommendation. These professionals may include, but are not limited to, teachers, coaches, or counselors. It is not appropriate for a family member, family friend, or friend to compose this letter of recommendation.

What should be included in the letter of recommendation?
The letter of recommendation should include a description of your reliability, professional behavior, commitment, responsibility, and trustworthiness. The person providing the recommendation should identify their professional relationship with you (i.e., teacher, counselor, etc) and note how long they have known you. They should also provide their contact information (phone and/or email address). The letter can be addressed to, “To Whom It May Concern.”

Can I use previous letters of recommendation?
A similar letter for a scholarship, job application, or other recommendation that includes the required criteria will be accepted if it was written within the academic year of 2014-2015.

This letter of recommendation will need to be mailed in a hardcopy form to:

Integrated Teacher Education Core
Liberal Studies Program
CSU, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0135

5. Essay
Write and submit an electronic copy of a brief essay addressing the following topic:

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” - Henry Brooks Adams

Tell us about a teacher who in some way changed your life. How did he/she influence or change your life and how might this experience influence your teaching in the future? The essay should be about 750 words (3 pages double spaced).

Your essay should be sent as an attachment by email to Pamela Morrell at 

How We Choose Students for ITEC

ITEC is a rigorous, challenging, high involvement program that has proven its ability to prepare well-educated teachers for California’s schools; teachers who understand children and are able to implement quality education for all students. Therefore, the application and selection process attempts to identify those students who have a variety of talents and skills and who are likely to benefit from this accelerated program.

ITEC Contact Information

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Program Advising 
(530) 898-5802

Michelle Cepello
(530) 898-6281

Field Experience & Linked-Course Liaison
Linda Mobilio-Keeling
(530) 898-6421

Application Information
Liberal Studies 
(530) 898-5802