Free Graphics, Clip Art, and Icons

On the Web there are lot of trashy sites in this category that I edited out. I tended to skip or de-emphasize sites with backgrounds files, gif animations, lines, bars and rules. I have included one pay-for site, Eyewire, as their superior materials might be worth the expense to you. 

Clip Art Review: Huge list of categorized clip art and icons. A list of clip art sites with ratings, features and more.

The Icon Browser- Now on ibiblio's server, aka the "Publics Library." Formerly originated from Dept of Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy.

The Graphics Ring.

The Free Graphics Store- run by Australian Cybermalls Free graphics-bullets, buttons, backgrounds, rules and other images. They claim that their collection contains public domain materials, but we wondered about this when we spotted some Simpson cartoons in here.

Music-related graphic images- Terms of Use: Since the images are linkware, you may use them for your non-commercial personal use as long as you provide a link to their website at. There is a small fee for commercial use.


You are responsible for obeying copyright laws and any conditions stated on the sites that you access.