Free Graphics, Clip Art, and Icons

On the Web there are lot of trashy sites in this category that I edited out. I tended to skip or de-emphasize sites with backgrounds files, gif animations, lines, bars and rules. I have included one pay-for site, Eyewire, as their superior materials might be worth the expense to you. lists sources of clipart.

Microsoft Office Clipart Select items and download them. They go into your My Microsoft Clip Gallery or Organizer.

Yahoo This is yahoo's list of clip art. There are a lot of sites to look at here.

Clip Art Review: Huge list of categorized clip art and icons. A list of clip art sites with ratings, features and more.

Index of Icons, Images and Graphics, Social Science Data Lab, University of Colorado. As noted in Knight (1998), this site is especially useful for educational purposes. (academic)

The Icon Browser- Now on ibiblio's server, aka the "Publics Library." Formerly originated from Dept of Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy.

Icon Bazaar More icons. Nicer layout than most icon sites (In Knight (1998)

Great Graphics Vault Index

The Graphics Ring.

The Free Graphics Store- run by Australian Cybermalls Free graphics-bullets, buttons, backgrounds, rules and other images. They claim that their collection contains public domain materials, but we wondered about this when we spotted some Simpson cartoons in here.

Music-related graphic images- Terms of Use: Since the images are linkware, you may use them for your non-commercial personal use as long as you provide a link to their website at. There is a small fee for commercial use.


You are responsible for obeying copyright laws and any conditions stated on the sites that you access.