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Classical music library from Alexander Street Press

General Sound Sources

Jamendo is one of the search engines listed on the  Creative Commons website

Artist Direct Click on the "Free Stuff" tab at the top of the page. According to an old PC World article(Aug 2001) this music site features band info, links to fan sites, discographies, and legal free downloads from such artists as the Black Crowes and Sophie B. Hawkins.

Clip Art Review: Sound Clips These folks have categorized their list. These generally are sounds from everyday life.

Free Music Archive The music is free, but it still has copyright restrictions

Sound America Free files under the categories: cartoons, comedy, movies, sound effects, spoofs, tv shows, and themes. The site originally said, "for entertainment and research purposes only... the original owners still retain copyright." It looks like they might have had some run-ins with copyright law. Under the movies link are some funny Marx Brothers lines. Slick site. Emphasis seems to be on lines from popular movies, tv shows and commercials. There are also sound effects. It'searchable. Has a huge list of movies. The sound effects could have potential for livening up educational web sites. Regarding copyright:Who knows where they came from? Lookout.

Blogs about: Free Loops from 

Website on how How to find free sounds and sound effects from
Soundsnap is their favorite source for finding free sound effects and loops online.

BBC archives:

Specialized and Humorous Sounds

The Human Experience-audio vignettes about us. (Anthropology)
"What have we learned about ourselves as human beings? Who are we and why do we do what we do? Explore these questions in an audio essay series created by a group of anthropologists at the University of New Mexico. These essays were prepared in order to share with people everywhere the wisdom gained through the study of human cultures and behavior around the world."

Remember that Windows also has built in sound files.


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