Images and Graphics for CSU, Chico Faculty, Staff, and Students Only

The images in these collections are only for educational purposes in the classroom, or in BlackBoard Learn at CSU, Chico.

ARTstor The vast majority of images in the ARTstor Digital Library are now available for download at 1024 pixels on the long side. Instructions for downloading images, and instructions on how to link to individual images and groups of images are available on the ARTstor website. If you want your links to work off campus, add the proxy address to the front of the URL:  This authenticates users as members of the CSU, Chico community.

Meriam Library Research Station --> library collections-->digital collections --> campus photographs, which gives you this link: 
You can use these as you wish, except don't use the portrait images. 
(note: "digital collections" link is only shown in links on library homepage, but not on the page behind "Library Collections")
An example: small group

Meriam Library Research Station Do an advanced search in the library catalog and you can limit your search to "photos/images" in the "material type." You will photos of a more historical nature, pre-1975.

Official CSU, Chico Logos and Images
Here you will find the approved university logos, photos, and Web templates for use on the CSU, Chico Web site. Guidelines for using these images are also provided.

You are responsible for obeying copyright laws and any conditions stated on the sites that you access.
For ARTstor see their license for more information.