Wildcat Leadership Institute

The Vision

The Wildcat Leadership Institute is a collection of learning opportunities, experiences and resources geared toward the intentional leadership education of any interested Chico State student.  Focused on the Leadership Challenge Theory, the Institute seeks to provide developmentally appropriate competency-based opportunities to engaged students in personal leadership exploration and growth.

Our Model

wli pyramidThe Wildcat Leadership Institute model is a four-level, inside-out approach. We grow the person to grow the leader.  Leadership is not simply something you do, it is an intimate expression of who you are. The instrument of leadership is an expression of your authentic Self.  We lead by virtue of who we are. This approach challenges you to lead from your core, to clarify your inner identity and find a powerful sense of purpose, to continue mastering Presence.  It challenges you to bring forward your strengths, and invest time in learning effective personal and interpersonal behaviors, skills and attitudes.  While a lot has been said about leadership, we've created the four-level model to help sort out those diverse perspectives. It also helps us offer practical definitions of our own: As personal expression, leadership is authentic influence that adds meaning and creates value.  Leadership is an inner phenomenon with an outer effect.  It occurs in the context of relationships.  As a community practice, leadership is a process which inspires people to share meaning and purpose, and to willingly contribute their strengths toward that aim.